Terms of use

The Rules of Use of each of the services offered by Zonabus are described in each option you have to choose from according to your needs. Even so, we ask that you take them into consideration when making reservations in the places provided for this purpose, given that failure to comply with the requirements and obligations detailed therein may result in infringements subject to the Barcelona City Council's penalty system.

Take special care of the traffic signs that regulate both the parking and unparking zones, as well as the regulated parking zones, in this sense we emphasize that:

The in-out parking zones are areas exclusively intended for passenger operations, they are not under any circumstances areas for stopping without passengers, nor for short-term parking. In these zones, it is compulsory to use the SPRO app, from which the start and end of the operation (START - STOP) must be marked.

The Zonabus Blue Zones have the following opening hours: Monday to Sunday, from 08:00 hours to 20:00 hours continuously.

When making reservations, all the information requested and entered by users must be absolutely reliable in order to provide the service offered in the best possible quality conditions.

We remind you that, except in situations of traffic congestion, it is forbidden for vehicles stopped on the public road or in other public spaces to remain with their engines running for more than two minutes (OGMAUB, Art. 44 3.7).