Can we make use of the Sagrada Familia reservation without entering the Temple?

No, to use this reservation you need a previously purchased ticket. And if the requirements to access the exclusion area surrounding the Sagrada Familia are met.

Is there a parking for tourist coaches at Park Guell?

Yes, but only coaches that have a prior reservation or have been specifically authorised can use the car parks. The reservation is 18 euros and gives the right to one and a half hours parking.

Which vehicles are considered as coaches?

Any kind of vehicle with more than 10 seats.

Is there a parking limit for the Blue Zone Coaches to the Montjuic HUB?

No. On an extraordinary basis, at Montjuïc's HUB you can park without paying for it while the Zona Blava Zona bus is active (from Monday to Sunday, from 8am to 8pm).

The Ciutat Vella Reserve, is it a parking area?

No. The Ciutat Vella reserve is a reserved area solely for on/off parking.

Moreover, this area can only be used by groups of PRM, school groups under 16 years of age and hotels affiliated to the Barcelona Hotels Association.

How early can I make a booking at Ciutat Vella?

The maximum booking time in advance in Ciutat Vella is 7 calendar days.

Are there long-term coach parking lots?

Yes, at Estació del Nord (C/ Ali Bei núm. 80) and on the Garcia Faria BSM network (P. Garcia Faria núm. 71).